Pastor Dan is Senior Pastor at Olive Branch UBIC.  He began preaching in 1971 and since then he has served in several denominational settings in a variety of positions.  With 42 years in ministry Pastor Dan has worked as a home missionary and as senior pastor to churches of over 700, as well as associate pastor in churches of 1000 in membership.

            From 2001-2007 Pastor Dan served full time as director of a ministry which dealt largely with conflict management in churches.  It was during this time that he developed a circle of friendships with many of the world’s leading Christian voices.

            In 2007 Pastor Dan accepted an offer from then Bishop Ron Ramsey to “Help” Olive Branch Church! Since then he has served as Senior Pastor here while continuing to invest in current Christian leadership around the globe.

            “In my heart, my goal for Olive Branch is to see it become a vital growing church, a place where all who enter its doors will be able to encounter the Living God and His loving church! I am excited to see how God has blessed this church with his presence, and by adding many wonderful members in the past six years.